Is Smoking Weed Unsafe For Everyone?

Cannabis is classified as a hallucinogen—it can cause auditory and visual hallucinations, paranoia, psychosis

Cannabis can cause or unmask psychotic illness such as Schizophrenia.  1% of the general population develops Schizophrenia.  3% of the cannabis-using population will develop Schizophrenia.

Individuals with a family history of psychotic illness such as Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, other psychotic disorders should NOT USE CANNABIS !!!

There are over 100 different cannabinoids in cannabis—there is not much information about their individual beneficial or harmful effects.

Both the cannabis industry and governments are aiming to make money and they are turning a blind eye to the well-recognized risks of cannabis.

Even the medical industry, well-aware of the medical dangers of cannabis (ER visits, psychiatric hospitalizations, life-long treatment with anti-psychotic medications) remains silent in anticipation of the money that both “medical” and “recreational” cannabis will generate.  This also goes for the Health Insurance Industry who has been paying the bills for the treatment of cannabis-induced psychiatric illness!

Is Smoking Weed Unsafe For Everyone?

“Extracts” of specific cannabinoids  have been shown to help medical conditions such as seizures—but we are talking about “extracts”, not the entire plant.

Some cannabinoids are harmful causing anxiety, panic symptoms, memory impairment, hallucinations, paranoia or other negative symptoms

The sane and rational approach to the use of cannabis first requires serious research and study of the many individual cannabinoids and the determination of the negative and positive effects of each of them.  This is a lengthy process but it is the proper and safe thing to do.

Just because cannabis/marijuana/pot has been declared “legal” does not mean that it is without risks. There are many things that are “legal” but are dangerous–automobiles and guns are just two of the more obvious examples.

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